Doctors Who Discovered Cancer Enzymes in Vaccines All Found Murdered!

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Those few months for the people who invested in some alternative methods of helping people heal themselves were pretty intense and upsetting.

Doctors Who Discovered Cancer Enzymes in Vaccines All Found Murdered!

In other words, for this short time, five people, most of them natural health doctors, had either mysteriously died or been intentionally murdered, and another five had mysteriously gone missing under inexplicable conditions.

Lately, there has been a report by Neon Nettle on the topic of the epidemic of doctors being murdered. The most of them were in Florida, the United States. All of the scientists were in a way connected by the fact that they all had revealed that Nagalese enzyme protein was being used in injections which were then supervised to human beings.

Nagalese is the substance that prevents generation of vitamin D in the body, which is the primary defense of the body to kill cancer cells in natural way.

Nagalese is a healthy protein, and it is being produced by the cancer cells. Also, this protein has been shown to be present in extremely high concentrations in autistic youngsters. Another place where nagalese is present is the human vaccines.

This protein inhibits the body’s utilization of vitamin D, needed for the process of fighting cancer cells and avoiding autism. Moreover, nagalese puts the immune system out of action. Also, it is known to stimulate type 2 diabetes mellitus.

All in all, those who got rid of these doctors did not do that because of the fact that the doctors had actually found the remedy to cancer or autism, but they eliminated them because these doctors had in fact been researching and had found the proofs that the vaccines our children are being infused are actually triggering the existing cancer cells and the autism.

Also, it is apparently certainly done knowingly and with purpose. All of the doctors killed in Florida had in fact been teaming up and were getting ready to speak out publicly and in details.

The first to speak out was Dr. Ted Broer, and he did it on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report. Nevertheless, it took them a whole hour merely to get him on air because of the fact that their three-hour show was shortened and every line he spoke was used separately and in short. Also, some time later, their web servers were reduced.

Numerous individuals were asked to pray versus the strike and eventually he was obtained on a secured line. So, a whole hour after the program has started, they were finally back on air and connected to Dr. Broer. The first thing this man announced that he was in no way suicidal. He stuck to this information and he was pretty worried about something and scared that he would be obtained Hastings style before he got the chance to claim it openly. Take a look at this short clip of him telling the tale and pay close attention to his words and the way he utters them.

The video clip lasts for about nineteen minutes, but the most essential information is put into the very first ten minutes. This information might be the most important you have ever heard. That is why it is also important that this information goes viral.

It is not that important if you are anti-vaccine or pro-vaccine, no one can deny the facts given. That is why everyone should do some researching prior to deciding to vaccinate their children. Just watch this video and you will see for yourselves.

Pay attention to the words of the man in the video breaking the story.

All facts seem to show that this is some valuable information and that is why some people do not want it to go public.

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