Is it ever going to warm up?! Will Food n Focus ever return to blogging? What is Presidents Day really about? Im sure youre asking yourself some or all of these questions today. Yes, its going to warm up (eventually). Yes, I will be returning to full-time blogging very soon. And today Im sharing a little bit of the meaning behind this holiday.

Im one of those lucky people that actually has off of work today. I decided to use the extra day off to head to Chicago for a night. I will be sharing more photos from that later this week, including a review of my trip to the brand new Eataly in Chicago!

In the mean time, Im sharing a post that I created for the Living Litehouse blog about the meaning of Presidents Day. Along with this post Im sharing a recipe for classic chicken and dumpling soup. This dish is a vintage dish, of sorts, and it reminds me of simpler times from long ago.

So enjoy the story and the recipe and let me know what recipes that you make to remind you of your heritage!