30 Amazing Patio Makeover Ideas That Will Beautify Any Home

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30 Amazing Patio Makeover Ideas That Will Beautify Any Home {Brilliant collection}

The weather is warming up outside, the flowers are blooming, and the sun is shining! Birds and butterflies are everywhere; it’s springtime! This is the perfect time to hang out on your patio with a cold, refreshing glass of lemonade and a good book. Your patio also makes the perfect spot for a spring or summer barbecue.

Of course, if your patio looks like mine, it may not be the perfect spot for anything! Over the winter I have let it go; right now it’s being used to store some stuff I don’t have room for indoors. It certainly doesn’t have a whole lot going for in terms of décor and ambiance.

So I have been looking up patio ideas online to see if I can find some inspiration to turn mine around! I don’t want to waste any more of this beautiful weather indoors. And guess what — I have found some gorgeous patios to share with you all. Check it out; maybe you will find the gem of inspiration you need to redo your patio this year.

Cheerful Colors

Cheerful ColorsThis backyard patio didn’t have much in the way of color originally, but look how beautiful it is now that it’s been painted! The bright colors of the window frame are whimsical and fun, and the white and yellow serves to unite the planter with the bench. This is a simple but effective way to inject some vivaciousness into your patio décor without going out and totally redoing it all.

Source: transformationsfromtheheart

Cozy Patio Makeover

Cozy Patio MakeoverWhat is really inspiring to me about this one is that you can actually see the before and after pictures. “Before,” this patio was nothing you would even glance twice at, much less want to spend any time in. But “After?” It is absolutely gorgeous and looks so cozy and inviting!

Source: hometalk

No More “Driveway” Feel

No More “Driveway” FeelHere is another project with an inspiration “Before” and “After.” As you can see clearly in the “Before” shot, this patio was right up against a driveway, and it looked like …; well, a driveway with a bit of concrete attached. In the “After” shot, you can see how the addition of a rug and some nice, cozy patio furniture and planters managed to eliminate that “driveway look” entirely.

Source: happystronghome

Brand New Patio

Brand New PatioOkay, so this one isn’t a patio makeover; it is actually a brand new patio. So this is not a project to undertake unless you are super handy, but once again I am blown away by the “Before” and “After” shots. I love the nice ambiance provided by the lights at night!

Source: bebehblog

Front Yard to Outdoor Living Room

Front Yard to Outdoor Living RoomThis patio was constructed over a grassy yard which previously had a thin fence and not a whole lot of privacy. Landscape architect Mark Tessier did an amazing job transforming this space. It has a comfortable sofa now, chairs, a beautiful and very private wall that does a much better job than the fence, and even a couple of fountains!

Source: latimesblogs.latimes

Outdoor Banquet Hall

6-cozy-inspiring-patio-makeoverThis has to be the most gorgeous outdoor dining spot I’ve ever seen! And to think this patio started as nothing more than an overgrown bit of backyard with a narrow concrete slab against one wall of the house. Now it looks like an absolutely amazing place to enjoy a nice family dinner or entertain guests!

Source: southernliving

Beachy Ambiance

Beachy AmbianceHere is a patio revival project which also includes great before and after shots. As you can see, before the makeover, this patio was nothing you would glance at twice; aside from one lone ornament on the side of the house, it was completely barren. Now though it has a bright, colorful feel that reminds me of a day at the beach. I just love how the colors have been coordinated between the pink mat on the floor and the pillows and even the table tray!

Source: hisugarplumsblog

Cheerful Arbor Patio

Cheerful Arbor PatioAs you can see from these shots, this patio has had a total makeover! Originally it was just a drab slab of concrete in the yard. In fact, it made the entire yard look drab! After an arbor was added along with some décor for the floor and patio furniture, it took on a whole new look. The beautiful lighting completes it, adding a homey glow!

Source: thehandmadehome

Colorful Spring Patio

Colorful Spring PatioThis patio already had a lot going for it; the brick exterior of the house is plenty colorful on its own and lends a great starting point. But this decorator has really gone all out with the flowers and the furniture. I love how the colors are coordinated between the flowers and the cushions. It looks gorgeous!

Source: hometalk

Lush Landscaping

Lush LandscapingThis is an incredibly beautiful patio with lush landscaping that bears a strong resemblance to some of the lovely outdoor spaces you find at event venues. It would take quite an investment of time, money, and hard work to put something like this together, but the finished result is luxurious!

Source: casarezassociates

Green Accents

11-patio-projectHere is a patio which actually was quite nice even before it was worked on, but afterward you can see that it has some homier touches. The rug makes it look a lot cozier, and the addition of both greenery and green accents helps to balance out the warm tones of the floor and the bareness of the walls.

Source: nyclq-focalpoint

Beautiful Budget Makeover

Beautiful Budget MakeoverThis commissioned patio was a budget makeover job. The result is actually pretty close to the original patio, but everything looks much nicer in the new version. The horse tails and granite pebbles lining the perimeter add a nice border to the tiles, making for an elegant finished look.

Source: mhs-works

Vintage Accents

Vintage AccentsThere are three things I really like about this particular patio makeover. The first is the vintage accents; both the blue chair and the table have a nice rustic look to them, but still work well with the other contemporary chairs. The second thing I really like is the soft colors; the third is the openness. What a great view of the forest!

Source: thehappierhomemaker

Door Patio Trellis

Door Patio TrellisHere is an unusual décor addition to a patio which has a very cool finished look. Two old doors hold up an arbor; the windows in the doors offer perfect spots for hanging potted plants. I think this creates a very folksy look!

Source: hometalk

Perfect Mood Lighting

Perfect Mood LightingThis patio is sheltered by a beautiful custom pergola made out of red cedar. The stone walls are beautiful, and the mood lighting suspended from the pergola is just perfect.

Source: thekitchn

Bold, Bright, and Beautiful

Bold, Bright, and BeautifulThe transformation of this patio is incredible! Just look what a total pigsty it was in the “Before” photo. In the “After” photo, it is scarcely recognizable. The bright, bold colors are very welcoming, and all that clutter and chaos is well under control.

Source: shawnacoronado

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