Homemade Cure For Asthma

Jul 15, 2016 healthy 0

This homemade cure is well known in the folk medicine for the treatment of asthma, heart as well as the lung asthma. According to the experiences of many,our grandmothers used to prepare this remedy in […]

All You Need To Know About Ebola

Jul 14, 2016 healthy 0

The outbreak of the disease began in March with few identified cases in Guinea. Since then the number had risen to 909 confirmed cases and 414 probable and additional suspected cases in Guinea, Sierra Leone, […]

The Healing Power of Nettle Tea

Jul 13, 2016 healthy 0

People have known nettle since ancient times when it was used as a healing plant. Nettle tea contains vitamins, tannins, chlorophyll and iron, that normalize the metabolism and lower the level of fat in the […]

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