8 Ways To Stop Snoring Naturally !

Sep 30, 2015 healthy 0

Snoring occurs when the relaxed structures in the throat begin to vibrate and produce sound. Often snoring is considered as a sleeping disorder, while heavy snoring can be a sign of serious health consequences. If […]

Extra Tips For Diabetes

Sep 30, 2015 healthy 0

Proper nutrition is the key to reign diabetes. In addition, doing regular physical activity, smoking cessation, regular intake of therapy and continuous blood sugar control can delay or prevent complications caused by diabetes. These are […]

Five Foods That Make Us Smarter

Sep 28, 2015 healthy 0

This is well-known that eating healthy food is good for us. Eating more different species of fruit and vegetables is even better, because the body gets all the necessary vitamins for optimal functioning. The best […]

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