Grilled cheese with apple and bacon

Jul 6, 2016 healthy 0

Grilled cheese is one of those classic foods, enjoyed all around the world in one form or another. It is just the perfect combination of tastes and textures with some sharp melted cheese in between […]

DIY Zebra Cake

Jul 6, 2016 healthy 0

When I was pregnant with my youngest daughter, her nursery theme were zebras. So when it was time for my baby shower, I wanted it to be zebra also so everything would match. Everything was […]

Cookie Dough Brownie Balls

Jul 4, 2016 healthy 0

What person does not love desserts? I do not think I know a single person who does not like to splurge every now and again on some tasty treats. I myself love to bake and […]

Homemade Taco Soup with Cheese

Jul 4, 2016 healthy 0

I love tacos; they are my favorite dinner meal. You can dress it up however you like which is the best part. One thing I have always wanted to try is cheesy taco soup. A […]

17 awesome kitchen hacks

Jul 3, 2016 healthy 0

I know that there are countless lists, features, blog posts and articles out there regarding the best of the best kitchen hacks. As a wife and a mom of two kids I come across (and […]

Foods to eat in a fun way

Jul 3, 2016 healthy 0

When you eat food the same way every time, it starts to get a little boring. So what do you do? You change it up and eat it in ways that you never thought about […]

The Puerto Rican Coconut Eggnog

Jul 2, 2016 healthy 0

When you marry into a Puerto Rican family, you learn a lot about their traditions and customs. My family on my husbands side is all Puerto Rican and they are always teaching me new food […]

Melted Chocolate at Its Best

Jul 1, 2016 healthy 0

With Valentines Day around the corner, I am a very busy person with making special candies and treats such as chocolate drizzled strawberries and bananas. The issue is it is extremely time consuming and very […]

Delicious French Toast Bake

Jun 28, 2016 healthy 0

If youre looking to make a very tasty desert to make for a baby shower, birthday party, or even just a family get together, Ive got the dish for you. It is very easy to […]

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