Tasty Apple Pie Fries

Jul 14, 2016 healthy 0

I am always looking for new ways to create snacks for me and my girls. I love experimenting and tasting new things and trying something completely out of the ordinary. Well when I heard about […]

Grill More Foods for summer

Jul 13, 2016 healthy 0

For fathers day, we got my husband a really nice brand new stainless steel grill. He has worked so hard this past year and he really deserved something nice. He loves cooking anyways, so I […]

The GM Diet

Jul 11, 2016 healthy 0

After I had my kids, I tried dieting to help lose some weight. I did all kinds of different diet tricks from counting calories to taking pills and all kinds of other stuff. Most of […]

Home-Made Mozzerella Cheese

Jul 9, 2016 healthy 0

Cheese is one of my familys biggest weaknesses. Were all partial to a cheese sandwich or a piping hot pizza dripping with melted mozzerella. However, making my own cheese is something thats never occurred to […]

Baking ingredients to use in a pinch

Jul 8, 2016 healthy 0

Baking is pretty precise. You cant normally substitute too much with out really messing up the recipe. Sometimes, though, you might be out of something and you dont have time or the inclination to run […]

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