The Pizza Alternative

Jul 19, 2016 healthy 0

My picky toddler seems to only want to eat a limited amount of items such as chicken nuggets or pizza. I have tried to get her to eat all kinds of other stuff but nothing […]

Strawberry Heart Treat

Jul 19, 2016 healthy 0

I love doing stuff with my kids for the holidays, no matter which one it is. When I came across this one I felt like I had hit the jackpot. I mean chocolate and strawberries, […]

Christmas Breakfast Treats

Jul 18, 2016 healthy 0

Christmas is a time for family, friends and food, also referred to as the three Fs. Every Christmas, my family stays the night at my house and wakes up Christmas morning with us. There is […]

Rainbow Cheesecake Surprise

Jul 18, 2016 healthy 0

My daughters birthday is in the summer and she wanted to have a colorful rainbow birthday party. Rainbows and ponies was her theme. Can you tell she was turning three? We had rainbow colored party […]

Two Ingredient Ice Cream

Jul 16, 2016 healthy 0

At the beginning of summer, I bought an ice cream maker. I had visions of whipping up various wonderfully flavoured ice creams for barbecues, my friends all amazed by just how good home-made ice cream […]

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