10 Strange Facts About Hamburgers

Sep 29, 2015 healthy 0

There is nothing more American than a hamburger (despite being named after a city in Germany). A fast-food staple, the burger has enjoyed a renaissance of late, being embraced by celebrity chefs like Bobby Flay, […]

Top 10 Sushi Bites

Sep 26, 2015 healthy 0

To my surprise, this website has yet to post (until now) a top ten list about sushi. It has been mentioned numerous times, notably on the lists “Top 10 Luxury Foods” and “Top 10 Bizarre […]

10 Of The Worlds Most Bizarre Beverages

Sep 25, 2015 healthy 0

From rainbow-colored beer to Viagra made from frogs, theres an unusual beverage to delightor disgustjust about every taste. 10 Deer Penis Wine Chinese athletes have long used animal parts to improve their performance. In the […]

Top 10 Food Facts and Fallacies

Sep 25, 2015 healthy 0

Food is always a popular subject on Listverse and facts and fiction even more so. This list takes a look at ten fascinating facts or misconceptions we all have about food – they should be, […]

10 Incredibly Unusual Recipes

Sep 25, 2015 healthy 0

Granted, many of these recipes are not seen as “unusual” in their home towns, but to the average Westerner, there is something awful about each and every one. Having said that, who are we to […]

Top 10 Common Errors Made In Cooking

Sep 24, 2015 healthy 0

As most readers will know, I love cooking. I am a fanatic when it comes to doing things “perfectly” in the kitchen and have, consequently, read everything I can get my hands on about cooking. […]

The Top 10 Restaurants of 2007

Sep 24, 2015 healthy 0

Since 2002, San Pellegrino have published a list of the top restaurants in the world. They have recently announced their top list for 2007. This is a list of the top ten restaurants on the […]

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