Low Carb Enchilada Lettuce Wraps

Apr 22, 2016 healthy 0

Tonight, I had tacos on my mind. Lately, I’ve been making these waffle nachos that are just so stinking good. I’ll cook up some ground beef and add in a packet of taco seasoning and […]

Wisconsin Cheddar Beer Soup

Apr 20, 2016 healthy 0

I’ve got some bad news. I am pretty sure I’m lactose intolerant and I’ve been having the worst side effects of my life after eating dairy. I’ve been trying to cut it out of my […]

Low Carb Pepperoni Pizza Chicken

Apr 14, 2016 healthy 0

Awhile ago, I made layered chicken cordon bleu casserole. Since the concept was pretty easy, I decided to take the same layering concept and apply it to this. Place chicken in pan and top with […]

Banana Oat Energy Bites

Apr 13, 2016 healthy 0

These Banana Oat Energy bites are an easy no bake treat., There’s a little bit of protein from the peanut butter and ground flax seed (which I store in my freezer and just scoop it […]

Lemon Cheesecake Mousse Parfaits

Apr 13, 2016 healthy 0

Lemon Curd Cheesecake Mousse parfaits are the perfect dessert to make for Spring time! Top them with your favorite Spring fruit and take them to a picnic. Lemon curd is one of my favorite things […]

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