Smash Cake

May 31, 2016 healthy 0

What the holy hell? Well, vision and reality werent lining up, so I decided to shoot it as a deconstructed cake. Often times I so enjoy the photography, almost as much as the baking, but […]

Ham And Cheese Calzone Recipe

May 30, 2016 healthy 0

Who doesnt love pizza? Seriously, is there anyone out there who doesnt like pizza? Maybe you dont like a few types of toppings, like anchovies or you dont think fruit, pineapple, belongs on your pizza. […]

Best American Cake

May 29, 2016 healthy 0

This cake is super fun to make for the 4th of July or Memorial Day weekend. To make the tie-dye effect, all you need are three different measuring cups or squirt bottles. Take 1 color […]

Oven Baked Hard Taco Shells

May 29, 2016 healthy 0

Do you ever find yourself in the grocery store starring at all the bundles of hard taco shells wondering how they all got destroyed? One time I actually imagined a story where the box boy […]

Power Breakfast Casserole

May 29, 2016 healthy 0

Apparently its breakfast week here on the blog. Or at least thats what is tending, so today Im sharing a power breakfast that you can adapt any which way you please. For me, I absolutely […]

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